Copying Xbox 360 Games – My Experience With Xbox 360 Backup Software After 1 Month

About a month prior I presented an article about my exploration and resulting achievement finding a decent quality programming to permit me to make definite reinforcement duplicates of Xbox 360 games circles. I have and Xbox 360 control center and my kids have a Nintendo Wii. After two or three catastrophes with broke and scratched games plates, I concluded that it was essential to make Xbox 360 games duplicates to safeguard the first circles in great shape.

I had taken a stab at replicating Nintendo Wii games straight on the PC utilizing the standard PC DVD copying programming. Sadly it couldn’t supersede the producers’ security that is on these circles, so after about six clear DVD’s were surrendered to the 우리카지노 receptacle, I chose to ‘sprinkle out’ on something that would truly do the job…..if I could track down something like this.

Indeed, I did, and the accomplishment to date has been great. The product I purchased cost under $30 and was accessible to quickly download after I had made my solid web-based installment. It is incredibly easy to understand in any event, for an overall technophobe like me. Indeed, even my 11 year old child has consumed reinforcement duplicates of Xbox 360 games, and furthermore his Wii games as well.

This article is intended to be somewhat of a report on the outcomes I have accomplished utilizing this product, and whether I accept it merited the venture.


In light of the way that another Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii game costs in the locale of $40 to $70, the product I purchased cost around a portion of the cost of a solitary game. I have now replicated Xbox 360 and Wii games for my family, 23 games altogether, of which the firsts are currently securely put away in amazing condition. I feel that the little cost is magnificent incentive for cash.

Ease of use

As referenced, my 11 year old child can utilize this product, and it has effectively duplicated Nintendo Wii games as well as my Xbox ones. I have likewise utilized it to make reinforcement duplicates of a couple of computer games I have. The UI is very natural and I can’t blame it. It professes to have the option to duplicate PlayStation games as well as GameCube and a couple of different stages.

An incentive for Cash

I’m not typically one to make hasty buys on the web, and for this situation I did a fair a